Saturday, 14 January 2012

The John Project - An Introduction

JOHN is digital artist’s Vietnamthemovies’ project centered around The Gospel of John.  Ignoring cliches and traditional biblical images, the artist whose real name is Simon Watkins, has taken the 21 Chapters of John and created 21 stunning images.  The project, featuring robots, butterflies and a whole spectrum of colors has taken a year to put together and is the first of many projects based around The Bible and Christianity. 

HOW THE PROJECT CAME ABOUT - “As I learned illustration and tried to advanced my career I began to find all doors connected to God would fly open effortlessly while others would be slammed in my face.  I came to the conclusion that someone was trying to tell my something and I would find something more worthwhile to illustrate.  But where to start?  God made it blindingly obvious - The Book of John.  I am a born again Christian and that means that someone or something bought me close to Jesus.  In my case it was a someone - a someone called John.”

THE BOOK -  The book features all 21 images and is packed with pages of color and life.  Aimed at Christians and Non-Christians alike what you find within is not the normal cliched biblical art featuring doves, rainbows and images of the cross.  “The book is a great introduction to Christianity, tweaking peoples minds enough to want to explore the gospel themselves.”  The book is available to by clicking here.

THE EXHIBITION - The artist has produced 10 banners to accompany the book.  These are specially designed to be displayed in churches or outdoors. The banners have already been displayed at Simon’s local church as well as in Bristol Cathedral and at the 2011 Greenbelt festival.  The project is also taking part in several festivals in 2012.  For more details about hiring the exhibition contact the artist at the address below. 

For further details about the project please email: